You Can No Longer Do Business With Paypal

You Can No Longer Do Business With Paypal

To protect its customers, PayPal often blocks or limits certain users’ accounts according to the customer’s activities, including business accounts.

If you’ve recently received a message like “You are no longer able to conduct business using PayPal,” You might be wondering what that means and what you could do to fix it. We did some digging, and here’s what we discovered!

Why “You Do Not Have Any More Business with PayPal”?

“You cannot continue to conduct business through PayPal” signifies that PayPal will never stop limiting or blocking your account as an online seller. This is because PayPal has discovered fraud or suspects that you’ve violated their terms. You won’t be allowed to create a new account, and the remaining funds will not be available for 180 days.

If you’re looking to learn more about why PayPal does not allow accounts, whether there’s a solution and so on, keep going to the conclusion!

Why Did PayPal Freeze My Business Account?

If, for whatever reason, your PayPal Business Account is frozen or banned, it’s because PayPal has identified a type of fraud on your account.

So, you could be accused of infringing on one of PayPal’s policies.

PayPal might think that you’ve done any of the following:

  • Violated a law
  • Sold counterfeit goods
  • False, incorrect, or misleading information
  • Participated in fraudulent activities (selling or receiving fake products or money)
  • Refund requests
  • A negative balance

There are many other steps you can undertake to set the ability to set a PayPal limit or permanently block your account. Here are just a few of the most important options.

You Can No Longer Do Business With Paypal

What Happens to the Money in My Account After It’s Frozen?

If your account has been frozen, PayPal will hold the balance on your account for 180 days.

This ensures you have enough money to resolve any claims, disputes, or other claims. That is filed against your account.

If you have a dispute or claim against your account within the time frame, PayPal will look into the allegations before you get your money back.

In addition, if PayPal decides that a refund is required for the client who filed an inquiry, PayPal will apply the funds left from your account to pay for the costs.

This is when you violate one of PayPal’s policies:

“You are responsible for any charges, reversals or claims, charges as well as penalties, fines, and other liabilities caused by the PayPal customer, customers, or third person.”

Once all claims, disputes, and other claims have been resolved, If there is money left in your bank account, PayPal will contact you to transfer your funds to your bank account which you choose.

If, however, there were no lawsuits, disputes, or any other claims, disputes, etc. filed against your account within 180 days, PayPal will provide you with information regarding how to transfer the remaining funds.

Can I Get a New PayPal Account After Being Banned?

Unfortunately, you cannot open another account once the previous PayPal account has been blocked.

PayPal could “Refuse to offer the PayPal service to you at any time shortly.”

If your account has been banned before, PayPal will not allow you to open a brand new account, and they will not.

How Do You Unfreeze a PayPal Account?

However, if your account is permanently suspended, blocked, or blocked, it is impossible to unfreeze it if PayPal has committed an error.

If you think PayPal is not correct in the decision to block your account and you’ve not been involved in violating any of the PayPal agreements, you can get in touch with PayPal directly.

If PayPal accepts your request that your account is approved, it will be released from freezing.

However, if you’ve broken any of PayPal’s rules, If PayPal is in the right position to freeze your account, it will remain frozen, and PayPal cannot lift the limitations.

How To Prevent Paypal From Ever Limiting Your Account?

After our discussion with Paypal, It was assured that only a small fraction of users have their accounts frozen, and accounts are seldom frozen for the entire 180 days.

They also suggested these guidelines to minimize the chance of this occurring.

  • If you expect to receive a substantial amount of money, you must contact Paypal before the deadline to know when they will receive the additional money. If, for instance, you plan to launch a major product launch, ensure that you inform Paypal in advance.
  • When you first sign-up to sign up for Paypal Website Payments Pro, there’s a questionnaire you need to complete. Be sure to note more than one number concerning the amount of money you’re planning on earning each month.
  • Contact Paypal to confirm that your account isn’t restricted in any way regarding the amount you can accept each day. Sometimes, limits are set based on several factors related to your credit score or background checks.
  • Check that either your name or that of the company is registered on your Paypal account, and it matches exactly with your bank account and credit cards.
  • Make use of identical addresses and telephone numbers that correspond to your bank account and credit cards.
  • Always make sure to use traceable shipping methods when shipping physical goods in case you are sued in the event of a dispute. You.
  • Be sure that your social security number, or FEIN, precisely matches the company’s name on the account.
  • Connect both a credit card as well as a checking account at a bank to Paypal
You Can No Longer Do Business With Paypal


Does This Sound Like Too Much Trouble?

This is the way we view it. If you’re involved in selling digital or informational products and your sales are irregular, then I’d opt for a traditional merchant account and a gateway like eMerchant.

If you have poor credit scores or previous criminal or fraudulent activities, you should consider an ordinary merchant account and gateway such as eMerchant.

If you do not wish to confront the possibility of having your account shut down or frozen, you can opt for an ordinary business account or gateway.

If PayPal suspects that you’ve breached its terms, PayPal can restrict or even freeze your account.

Additionally, if PayPal does indeed freeze your account for business and you are not in a position to access any remaining funds for 180 days. Your account is not able to be unfrozen, and you are not able to create an account with PayPal at a later date.

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