Are you a professional writer or do you love to write? Then My Funky World is in search of passionate and young writers and scribblers that can inspire readers and elevate our brand to new levels.

Our writers simply aim to create new topics and to publish their unique views on the subject. This will not only bring an award to your work that is read by family, friends, editors, publishers, and even the general public, but it will also increase your chances of influencing readers’ minds with your unique thoughts.

Our site is a fast-growing community that has visitors searching for information on various nations and their various states. Therefore, every writer strives to reach an audience that is of this size and standing.

In the process, we’re giving authors and writers an opportunity to gain recognition and an opportunity to market their work. In addition, you can submit your valuable information to our reputable website for an affordable cost.


How do you submit your material?

If you want to write for us, you can mail us your blog post for guest posting at our mail id: contact.myfunkyworld@gmail.com

Notice: Your inquiry will be addressed within 24–48 hours. 

The Type of Article We Will Accept?

We accept informational and commercial blogs such as Carpet Cleaning Business, Moving Services, Pest Control, Solar Panels Installation, Air Conditioning Services, Flower Delivery, Home Renovation, Plumbing Services, Restaurant, Dentist, Wallpaper Installation, Event Management, Construction Painter and Tiling Services, Handyman Services, Interior Decorators, Lawn & Turf Services, Window Cleaning, Nail Salon, Hair Salon, Photo Framing, Automobile Services, Curtains Blinds, Sliding Doors, Sliding Doors, Sliding Doors, Sliding Doors

Delivering high-quality content for our readers is our top focus. This is why the following are the article types that we are willing to accept:

  • What to Do: This includes blogs about things one can do in a specific town or area.
  • Lists and Tips: Numerical lists that are information-rich.
  • Why, when, and where is the best time to do it? This answers questions that start with the questions of what, when, why, and what.
  • Factual and accurate It includes detailed blog posts that provide important details.
  • How-to’s: Blogs for problem-solving


The Symmetry Of The Blog:

Please note that we strictly abide by the rules of the symmetry of writing on blogs. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your post may be deemed unsatisfactory and will be removed from the site.

Blog Headings:

  • Proper use of subheading (H2) must be included in the text.
  • It is possible to use subheadings, such as (H3) or (H4), as well as bullet points, to increase readability.


The length of the content is:
The length of blog posts should be at least 800 words.

No Plagiarism:
Only original content is submitted. Plagiarized or duplicate content will be disqualified.

Images and Infographics:
You can utilize royalty-free images in your content submissions. It is also recommended to incorporate infographics into your blogs.


The following types of blog content are not permitted:

These are blog types that we don’t publish on our website:

  • Gambling-related events
  • Listings for properties related to property
  • Adult-oriented content
  • Job Postings
  • Press releases


Sharing on Social Media Accounts:

It is recommended to share your blog’s content on your social media profiles to drive more traffic and increase your brand’s credibility. 

Please be aware that you must be in agreement with our privacy policies prior to submitting your guest post.

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