Why Do Skaters Hate Cariuma

Why Do Skaters Hate Cariuma

You’ve seen many YouTubers recommend them, but skaters hate Cariuma Why? Mainly Cariuma gave Youtubers the shoes for free and then asked for a review on their channel. Cariuma expressly requested for positive reviews or whether there was an extra payment if the YouTuber mentioned specific things in the review that Cariuma desired to be mentioned. But that would be a rather common technique among funded YouTube reviews. They’re often like advertisements. If a YouTuber suggests something, you generously consider they were being paid for suggesting it. Unless, like Ben Degros, they buy the gear with their own money and then publish an honest and unbiased review (after testing it for months!). But that’s pretty rare.


This year, the Cariuma YouTube/Instagram sponsored review/advertisement campaign was so over the top that many people don’t buy their green/eco-friendly startup story anymore. 

Why Do Skaters Hate Cariuma

This shoe is everywhere in skate videos, so we take reviews from many skaters and then list why skaters didn’t like the Cariuma. 

Here are the reasons why skaters didn’t like Cariuma

  1. It felt like they were a quarter size too big. It is more just getting used to the shoe feeling pre-broken. Cariuma always uses mainly and much raw, ethically sourced materials.


  2. These shoes tend to be on the more expensive side. That said, they do something no further skateboarding shoe label accomplishes. They allow you to purchase one shoe at a time.
  1. The main issue is where you need to go one size smaller, send yours back and order the next size.

  2. When you are just learning to skate, you might go through the shoe of your front foot faster than your back foot. They also have many issues with this.

These are the reasons why skaters hate Cariuma. If you are a skater, then you understand the review of skaters. I hope you like our review, and if you have any queries, please comment and give feedback. In the end, tell me, are you a skater? Which brand of shoes do you enjoy or prefer the most?

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