What To Do With Old Invisalign Trays?

What To Do With Old Invisalign Trays

While undergoing Invisalign treatment, you’ll be wearing a continuous pair of clear retainers that eventually alter the position of your teeth, allowing them to straighten out. When your teeth shift forward, updated aligners are put in place to help your teeth move in the correct direction. A majority of patients will receive regular updates to their aligners throughout their treatment. This leads to a build-up of used clear aligners that could prompt you to ask, “What do I do with all this?” Read on to discover.

Should I Hold On To The Worn Trays?

Yes, but to put it simply. Keep those old aligners till completed the orthodontic procedure is. Old aligners can be useful to your dentist if a dental move isn’t completed and you need to return and make adjustments. Also, keeping the old trays helps your dentist to track your development.

Your orthodontist will advise you on how to dispose of your aligners when your treatment has ended. Many specialists will advise you to keep the final few aligners in the event something goes wrong, like breaking or losing your retainers. If you are having issues with the new trays or your doctor wants to examine the results from your procedure to determine whether it must be changed, the last aligner on your tray could prove useful.

What To Do With Old Invisalign Trays


What Do I Do With Old Trays?

Keeping track of your first and final aligners provides tangible proof of your progress during your orthodontic treatment. Some people prefer to hang their aligners as a token of their improvement. You’re unlikely to need to retain the huge amount of Invisalign tray you’ll collect throughout your treatment. If so, it is best to inquire with your orthodontist about the best option for you to dispose of the trays. They might be willing to remove them from your hands and dispose of them properly.

Are Invisalign Trays Recyclable?

Invisalign trays are made of plastic. Therefore they must be recyclable. Yes, Invisalign trays are made of plastic. However, two things should keep them from the recycling container.

They consist of various plastics, including multilayer polymers, which makes it impossible to separate them. The second reason is that they are classified by law to be medical waste.

Should I Keep My Old Invisalign Trays?

The quick answer is yes! Make sure to hold onto the aligners you have used after you’ve completed using them. This can help your Invisalign practitioner in the event of a correction that wasn’t fully realized, and you need to make a second attempt to rectify this. It could be beneficial for you and your Invisalign specialist to hang onto everything you can and take every aligner with you to your appointments.

After your treatment, the doctor will advise you on what to do with the aligners. Many will suggest keeping the final few aligners in case something is lost or damaged. Invisalign trays can be easily lost, and they have a reputation as the most popular food for dogs in the family. Your final tray aligner could aid your orthodontist in the event of any issues in your new retainers or if they wish to review the course of treatment and determine if it requires adjustments.

Finally, you might decide to keep the first tray to evaluate it for the final Invisalign treatment. This will show the huge change in your teeth, and many patients appreciate the tangible impressions.

What To Do With Old Invisalign Trays

Are Invisalign Trays Recyclable?

If you’ve used some Invisalign trays, it’s because you’ve experienced the tray and know what they’re made of. They have a solid shape and aren’t always clear in the materials that make up their structure.

If you didn’t, they’re the combination of plastics meaning that they comprise not only one or two different types of plastic in their mix; There are many. Normally, recycling plastic demands more attention. But think about recycling an item with different types of plastics.

Apart from the variety of plastics utilized in its construction and the variety of plastics used in its construction, it is also important to note that an Invisalign tray is classified as medical waste. It’s just not the right way to try to recycle an item that’s been undergoing many hours within your mouth.

The simple answer is you can’t reuse your old Invisalign tray. They aren’t available for distribution because they are made to fit your specific set of teeth and constitute a medical waste. They can’t be shared with anyone else.

In this instance, the most efficient disposal method is to dispose of the garbage. It’s not easy that you are required to add nonbiodegradable waste that is disposed of in landfills. But until a sustainable method is developed to reduce waste products like Invisalign tray, Our next option is to use a landfill.

Are Invisalign Bags Recyclable?

Invisalign is a great option. Invisalign tray is an alternative to braces. First, you can take them off whenever you’d like. The other reason is that they don’t come with any of the same requirements as wearing braces.

But, like any other treatment for your teeth, you will also require certain items to maintain your teeth and an Invisalign tray. Where can you keep these items if you need to travel or attend the night?

If you’re not aware, you can find Invisalign bags that you can utilize to store everything you require to conduct your routine of dental care easily. They can be bought from your dentist or any store selling accessories that sell dental products. They can also be purchased from the local supermarket.

What do you do with your bags once you no longer need bags? You’ll be able to outgrow your Invisalign tray. Likely, you won’t require the accessories anymore or the bag.

Is Invisalign Bad For The Environment?

You are already aware of the basics of what an Invisalign tray is constructed of. If you’re not sure, you can read this overview. Invisalign trays are constructed from various plastics and, therefore, can harm the environment, even though they’re not detrimental to your teeth.

They’re even worse than other plastics since they mix a variety of plastics. They are, therefore, harmful to the environment. There isn’t any technology that recycles Invisalign trays, so we’d need to throw them away once we’re finished.

In addition to the absence of the technology needed to recycle Invisalign trays, Some countries prohibit medical waste recycling. Therefore, even if you wish to preserve the environment, you won’t have the chance to. You’ll likely need to consider binning your Invisalign tray.

As far as we know, this is the least possible evil and the most effective alternative you can choose.

What To Do With Old Invisalign Trays

Is Invisalign Eco-Friendly?

Invisalign trays are a must when you want to straighten your teeth. They will provide positive results even after a brief duration, which is why you should regularly visit your dental professional. Further, each set of Invisalign you receive at each visit differs slightly from the last one, which is evidence of improvement.

What To Do With Old Invisalign Trays?

We’ve confirmed that we cannot reuse our Invisalign tray once we’re finished with them; even though we would like to, there are two options you can try instead.

Invisalign trays are considered medical waste, which means they cannot be used for various applications we can utilize to fix our teeth.

  1. Hold onto them
    It’s possible to hold onto your Invisalign tray even after the next treatment, as you might lose the one you have and need to return to the original one. But, it’s not at your discretion to decide this. It is best to speak with your dentist to find the best solution for your needs. It’s always a good idea to save at least two or three of your most recent Invisalign tray because you never know when you will require these trays.
  2. Bin Them
    Binning is the most effective alternative to getting off your Invisalign tray. It’s impossible to give them over or give them to anyone else because each has its unique collection of teeth. What might be troubling you will probably not affect anyone else in your circle.

    Reusing them is impossible since they’re made of complex plastic. As you’ve guessed, you also be aware that they’re an example of medical waste, too. So, the best solution is to dispose of them.

  3. Creative Creepy Stationery Holders
    If you like creepy art and crafts, this is the perfect tip. You’ll need to secure the majority of your Invisalign tray. We can imagine about 10 of them. The greater the number is, the more attractive it appears.

    Also, you will require glue guns and paint. Begin by creating an arc with two sets of Invisalign trays. Then, you can stack the trays over one another while gluing them using the glue gun. Once you have five trays or more, if it’s not tall enough to accommodate your stationery or match your preferences, you can add more.

    When you reach the height you want, when you have reached your desired height, you can paint the art project you’ve completed. We think it’s the perfect color. You could, however, select any other color you like.

    This stationery holder is ideal for your desk at work or a table in your reading area. It is important to note that giving a gift to a loved one could be a bad idea because it would sit inside your mouth for quite a while. Therefore, avoid giving them one unless they specifically request you to create one for them.

    You might also think about properly cleaning and disinfection before working on it.


  4. Creepy Nightstand Decorations
    Did you know that you can paint the Invisalign tray that you have been using with glow-in-the-dark paint and set the trays on top of your nightstand? If you didn’t that, now you know. It’s hilarious. However, it’s also a brilliant idea. It’s also an excellent method of disposing of these wastes without causing harm to the natural environment.

    We’re betting you’re eager to test it. Get your preferred color of glow-in-the-dark paint, and begin working on the tray. You can put them on your nightstand or wherever suits you.

Again, these ornaments aren’t the ideal gift, and unless a loved one specifically requests you to create something for them, don’t give them away.

We’ve found that despite Invisalign tray material being very harmful to the earth, they require these trays. The only way to eliminate them is to throw them away. We are, however, waiting with our fingers crossed that technology will devise ways to get rid of them without causing harm to the environment.

In the meantime, think about throwing them into an empty trash can or, if attracted to creepy but creative art, you are free to make use of one of our suggestions.

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