Insomnia is a condition that causes you to feel strained and unable to sleep. It is difficult to fall asleep or remain in bed for a longer duration than is normal.  

A chronic illness, poor sleep patterns, depression medications, and insomnia could be the causes that cause insomnia. 

You should consult an expert if you suffer from this disorder, and various options exist.  A habit of eating can affect your health, and it is essential to monitor it.

Drinking coffee early in the day can lift your mood and give you the required energy. However, they must be consumed within a certain amount. 

The consumption of too many caffeinated drinks can be harmful to those who have insomnia. Consuming too many energy drinks is not a good choice for insomnia. 

These drinks also contain herbs or caffeine in their drinks. Don't drink energy drinks during the evening time or in the vicinity of your bed. 

Avoid overeating spicy food in the evening. It can cause acidity and may disturb your sleep. While you sleep, the acid moves through the esophagus. This could cause acid reflux and can cause insomnia.

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