There has been speculation in the media and on social media about the likely cost of the Queen's funeral, which will be paid for by the state.

None of the figures we've seen appear based on a thorough and reliable calculation. 

They also vary enormously from millions to billions.

The Queen's funeral is likely to be larger and may be more expensive, but a cost of billions seems far too high.

While we could not find a reliable estimate for the cost of the Queen's funeral, we've looked at the best evidence for large public funerals in the past.

State funerals are paid for by the state, which covers a wide range of costs, including the event itself and military and other expenses.

However, the Queen's funeral is likely to be much more expensive because we know that some more recent "ceremonial" funerals have cost several million pounds.

The Queen's funeral will cost about £8 million to about £6 billion.