Food prices in Ukraine have increased by 35 % on average.

Since the year-start, food prices in Ukraine have increased by an average of 35%, with the largest price hikes recorded for fruits and vegetables.

Prices for food products and alcoholic beverages have increased by 35% since 2022.

Fruit prices have gone up 60.2%, while those for vegetables grew 58.5%,

Fish prices rose by 33.1%, bread got 29% more expensive, and sugar cost 27.9% more.

The only cheaper product in August 2022 against December 2021 was eggs (-17%).

Prices have increased by 23.6% and 13.3%, mainly liquor and tobacco products.

Fuel, lubricants, and household appliances went up the most (64% and 25.9%, respectively).

In August 2022, inflation in the consumer market of Ukraine, compared to July 2022, amounted to 1.1%. Inflation since year-start stood at 19.5%.