Under Deck Landscaping Ideas

Under Deck Landscaping Ideas

There is a myriad of deck designs to decorate your outdoor space. But what happens under your deck? What are you doing with the space that’s often ignored?

Many people feel that the area beneath the deck is considered a waste of space, and, truthfully, it could look like that as a collection of garden tools and toys for kids in the backyard and even the old building materials that have been piled up. Do not simply hide the mess with lattice. It’s time for you to take back the space to enjoy outdoor living using these 10 landscaping tips for your deck.

Under Deck Landscaping Ideas

Under Deck Landscaping Ideas

1) Create an outdoor paver deck on your raised deck. Learn to plan paver patios under your deck level and consider the various designs and materials. It is essential to ensure that you have a level area for your patio, which could require a retaining wall. Make sure you use stronger pavers if you intend to install heavy items like a hot tub or a large grill. Before you purchase materials or start working on a patio made of pavers, check the local building codes and your homeowners’ association’s regulations to determine if there are any rules you must comply with. If you are building on top of your patio, you should be cautious about anchoring pergolas or gazebos onto paver stones, as they are not bonded.

2) Create dry, usable space. If you own a raised deck, add a drainage system that can give you dry space to enjoy gathering, relaxation, and storage. Whatever the design of your deck and style, Trex RainEscape is a great option. Trex RainEscape system can be installed during the construction phase before the decking is installed. With a system of downspouts, troughs, and gutters, an underdeck system ensures that the water is drained out of the deck to ensure that you can install an underdeck ceiling and lighting, as well as fans and other features. It is possible to keep the area free or make it an enclosed porch.

3) The landscaping should be around the bottom of your deck. If you’ve fenced off the area under your deck or left it open, design the perfect landscaping layout to add beauty to the area around it. Take a look at this gallery to get ideas for sprucing your deck. Please use bricks or edgings to outline the garden beds and fill them with natural stone, river rock, or mulch. If you opt for mulch, be aware of how close it’s to the wood around your home’s foundation. You do not want to draw pests.

Under Deck Landscaping Ideas

4) DIY a fire pit. When you add paver patios, it is possible to extend the space under your deck to make it part of your landscaping by adding stunning hardscaping. A fire pit is an element of interest to your backyard and can be an excellent addition when making the paver patio. Make sure that you put the firepit and the logs at a minimum distance of 10 feet from your deck for safety. Making the perfect firepit is among the easiest DIY projects; however, if you’d prefer to purchase an already-built firepit, Check out these 7 best Firepits in 2020, including the top for cooking, the most efficient for budgets, and the best to buy.

5) Increase curb appeal. If you’ve got a level deck, particularly in the front or on the side of your home, You’ll need to add landscaping that complements the exterior of your home. Better Homes & Gardens provides the steps to add landscape plants, starting with measuring the area, and clearing grass, edging, mulch, and landscaping fabric. Take a look at these deck photos for more ideas.

6) Make the pergola of your dreams. A pergola does not only improve the look of your backyard. However, it also serves as an effective frame to climb vines. The pergola could be constructed for less than $500, dependent on the size and material. A pergola comprises four components comprising four posts and four header boards. They are also purlins (the principal crossing boards) and upper stringer boards. Some of the most suitable plants to plant in pergolas are passionflower, clematis, and Wisteria. The Bower Power blog shows how to build a pergola using a floating tower.

7) Increase the space you can entertain. Install the outside kitchen or an entertainment device. In warmer weather, be sure to have gorgeous but practical ceiling fans. For colder days, put in an outdoor fireplace. You can create a safe area to practice your putt to make it more enjoyable. Make your deck area the putting green of mini golf that makes the most of it in terms of space. It can provide entertainment and relaxation and an area to improve your abilities all in one place. Although establishing a healthy grass plant beneath the deck could be difficult, artificial turf could be an excellent alternative. There are endless possibilities. You’ll be amazed by the versatility and extra living space.

Under Deck Landscaping Ideas

8) Make a space for kids to play. While a treehouse can be fun, the area under your deck could be used as a hidden place without the threat of falling. Make the space to create a safe and enjoyable playing space outdoors, customized to their specific style of play.

9) Green under the deck. If you’re planning to grow plants beneath your deck, opt for shade-loving plants like hostas or ferns. Be sure that the deck is well-ventilated to prevent dampness and mildew.

10) Design seating areas that are comfortable. If you love reading outside while taking a nap or simply chatting with your family, ensure you incorporate hammocks and furniture into your outdoor layout, providing maximum comfort. You might be amazed by how often you use the outdoor living space.

The addition of outdoor living space can bring benefits to both your personal and financial life. Here are a few reasons to think about an outdoor remodel for the space beneath your deck

  • Home value has increased
  • Living space that extends
  • There’s more space for entertaining
  • Outdoor activities without exposure to heat

A stunning patio or under-deck area can enhance its value to your house, which is an important element to consider when selling your home within the next few years. Additionally, with a carefully planned space to soak in the sun, you’ll have an unlimited space to entertain and enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the quality of life.

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