How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

If you’ve recently erected solar panels on the rooftop of your house or business, you’re aware that these panels aren’t inexpensive, and getting the most out of your investment is to look into the options for bird-proofing solar panels. Solar panels are a fantastic method to cut down on the carbon footprint of your home and also reduce the cost of running your utilities monthly however, they do come with significant upfront costs. Many people installs solar panels in rooftop and now that they’re up and running, 

Why do birds enjoy solar panels so often?

One of the major issues for anyone who has solar panels bird-related issues can be difficult to manage If you do not ensure that you are taking the appropriate precautions. What is the reason why birds prefer to settle and build nests in solar cells so often? After many years of study on this topic experts from Bird-B Gone have discovered three major reasons that solar panels are such magnets.

Top Reason
The first, and the most obvious is the fact that solar panels offer an ideal warm environment for birds. The panels of solar are as dark to absorb as much photovoltaic energy as possible. This dark shade has a higher likelihood of heating up and retaining the warmth. Birds always seek cozy secluded places to relax and build nests, and solar panels can be the ideal choice.

How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

This leads to the third reason: shelter. As with all animals living on earth, birds require shelter to keep their babies as well as rest and keep them clear of predators. Solar panels usually contain enough space for birds to nestle within, which allows them to remain safe. Apart from protecting them from predators, during the hot summer months, the shade provided by solar panels is crucial for birds to control their body temperatures as well as get away from the sun.

Final Reason
Another reason why birds appreciate solar panels is that it provides them with the opportunity to move away from their nest. Most solar panels are constructed on the roofs of buildings, providing birds with an ideal vantage point and the ability to move 360 degrees away from their nests if they are prey for predators. Accessibility for birds is just as important as any other aspect and making sure that your nest is safe as well as secure and easily accessible is crucial. After we have uncovered the reasons that birds love solar panels we can now look at how you can make it happen, and what it will cost you to ensure that your solar panels are bird-proofed.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Options and Costs?
Like all issues, there are numerous options to try to deter bird-like creatures from using the solar panel for their private residence, but we’ve come up with the two most effective options along with a second deterrent that you can choose from to protect your solar panels from birds for a reasonable cost. These methods are geared towards being affordable and simultaneously offering the greatest benefit in bird-proofing those solar panels.

How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Bird Spikes
The most obvious option you can do is to cover the exposed areas of your roof with bird spikes. Because of their feet, they are extremely vulnerable to sharp surfaces, and the placement of spikes for birds will make a landing in a comfortable location very difficult. Furthermore, these spikes drastically reduce the area of space in your roofing, which leaves the roofless space for birds to build nests or an area to build a nest.

Roof spikes aren’t expensive and you can find three-foot lengths at less than 15 dollars. On a typical roof, the price to protect your solar panels will be approximately $200. They’re not the most appealing and we wouldn’t be able to blame anyone for not wanting the roof to be covered with spikes. But don’t fret, there are many other solutions.

Netting or Metal Mesh
The second option we have is a bird net and metal mesh net. It is essentially a net that sits on top of your solar panels to hinder birds from landing and then getting underneath the panels. This is more effective than the bird spikes method since it blocks the birds from getting into the panels, but there’s a price to pay because of the more maintenance that is required. They can break or tear and need a patch to repair it or give an access point to the panel, without you even knowing that something is not functioning. Main opinion is that this is a superior and longer-lasting alternative to bird spikes, but it’s more expensive too.

You could expect to pay between $300 and $500 to secure your roof using these nets.

Replica Predator
The third option is more of a complement to the earlier more lasting solutions however it could assist. The solution is to put a replica of a predator on your roof. Although it may sound silly, research has proven that adding a model predator such as an owl on your roof is a significant improvement in the repellent for birds. The statues function as scarecrows that are placed in fields and deter birds. While by itself, this could not be very effective, however, birds can recognize an owl that is fake very quickly. If it is added to other deterrents that can increase the confusion of birds and confusion, having a replica of the predator could aid in making a difference.

Replica predators are inexpensive and can cost between $20 and $30. It is certainly the least expensive and most simple, however, it is also the least efficient alternative.

How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

The Best Way to Bird Proof Your Solar Panel
Of all these options, we consider that mesh netting is the best choice for those looking to keep birds out of the panels of your solar system. Although they’re slightly more costly than the bird spikes, they’re more appealing and attractive, as well as safer for birds, and efficient in keeping birds from getting to your solar panels. They block access to the lower part of the panels. They make landing spots less appealing.

If you’re searching for bird-proof solar panel solutions, there are only two alternatives: bird spikes and wire mesh netting. Although neither is ideal, we have found that the netting option is the more effective option. It is more attractive, safer for birds (spikes could cause injuries to birds’ feet) as well as more efficient. It’s the best product, and we think it’s worth the extra cash you spend. For a DIY project at home, both of these tasks are doable without assistance from outside, which can save you money. However, should you decide to engage a professional, the cost of bird-proofing your solar panels could be at least $1,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost you to have solar panels that are bird-proof?

Depending on the deterrent technique you decide to use, bird-proofing solar panels can cost in the range of $200 to $500. The cost is dependent on the size of your roof as well as the number of solar panels that you own.


Do solar panels scare birds?

No, unfortunately. This is why it’s essential to bird-proof your solar panels before birds appear and begin nesting in crevices on your roof.


How do you make sure that you are bird-proof on your solar panels?

According to the article, the two most effective options for solar panel bird protection are bird spikes and wire mesh which keep birds out between solar panels and the roof.

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