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Floating Navel Piercing

The belly buttons are, as usual, the latest trending accessory. There are numerous styles other than the standard rings that you might not even be aware of. If you do, you could find yourself overwhelmed with the variety. However, if you’re considering leaping, you’ll need to be prepared by familiarizing yourself with the different kinds of belly button piercings so you’re not surprised in the piercing shop.

“For navel piercings, especially anatomical anatomy is essential. There isn’t a standard navel because every individual is unique, and so is the anatomy of their navel. The way the navel moves when they’re standing, sitting, bent over, stretching the floor, and so on, they all affect how the navel should be placed and what type of jewelry will be the best fit,” Paige Amber Holloway is a piercer from Oshkosh Wisconsin, tells Elite Daily. “Weight is not a factor with navel piercings; it’s the form of your navel that’s important. It doesn’t matter if you’re 100 pounds or 300 pounds. You either have the right anatomy or do not.” Therefore, when you’re at the shop, you must first talk to your piercer about what they think looks most attractive. However, before you go to the next step, ensure you’ve been educated on the different designs so that you know what the piercer is discussing. Unable to discern the difference will confuse the entire procedure more complicated than you would like.

Best Floating Navel Piercing | Latest & Updated

The numerous kinds of belly button piercings come with their benefits and drawbacks, so you should be prepared for your commitment. (Be ready to pull the waist of a pair of high-waisted pants with your new piece of jewelry, particularly while it heals.) Here are professional piercers and belly button wearers’ perspectives on the different kinds of piercings you can choose from.

An Upper Belly Button Piercing
This is the standard kind of belly button piercing. However, Holloway warns that it does not work for every navel type. “This type of jewelry only works for probably 50% of people, even less honestly,” she states. “For this kind of jewelry to feel comfortable, you must have a large navel shelf. The navel must not be sagging too much when you’re bent over or sitting. The movement of your navel sagging in will cause the jewelry to move upwards, putting pressure on the surface of the piercing which can cause irritation and hinder healing.”

A Lower Belly Button Piercing
Piercing the belly lower is perfect for those with larger navels. The piercing usually follows the same barbell design as the upper navel piercing; however, it is positioned at a lower point on the body. If you’re extremely devoted to high-waisted pants. However, Billy DeBerry, a professional piercer whose shop is located within Kissimmee, Florida, notes that this silhouette, when combined with this kind of belly button piercing, can cause the risk of “possible issue with healing.”

Best Floating Navel Piercing | Latest & Updated

A Double Belly Button Piercing
If you’re looking to be the most extravagant and have your belly as sparkling as it can be, it is best to have both an upper and lower belly button piercing at one step -in other words, only if you’re willing to put in the extra attention. A pro-Lady Day piercer told Elite Daily that you could anticipate more healing time and greater soreness when you have the double piercing.

A Dermal Belly Button Piercing
If you don’t have enough skin area, they could, according to their anatomy, choose to go for surface piercings. They are sometimes called”microdermals” or “surface anchors. These are single-point piercings that have tiny posts inserted beneath the skin, with an emerald coming out of the top of the post to create an illusion of navel piercing”, claims Dean Galgano, a New York-based professional piercer. “These require a little extra aftercare and take a bit longer to heal, unlike the standard navel piercing which is fairly easy to heal.” If you go for this kind of belly button piercing, Galgano advises that the standard post-treatment would be to clean the area with sterilized saline solution every day “for however long your body takes to heal.”

Some piercers prefer this style to traditional designs. “One of my favorites is the single dermal navel so all you see is one crystal top,” DeBerry says. “I prefer that to the barbell. It looks cleaner and more appealing for me.”

Best Floating Navel Piercing | Latest & Updated

A Floating Navel Piercing
The term “floating navel” may look like a dermal puncture, but they’re not the same. “Floating Navels are what I typically use to get new navel piercings. They’re becoming more sought-after, as contemporary piercing methods become more popular and piercers aim to make their clients happier and not just make a profit,” says Holloway. “Floating navels are best for those with a larger, deeper navel or a navel that falls down when sitting down. The jewelry is smaller in the middle, within the navel — typically the form of a disc or small bead. The top could be as simple or be an enjoyable ornamentation. This makes sure that the user is relaxed while moving, and that the jewelry isn’t placing pressure on the surface of the puncturing.” I’m not a professional, but this is a great way to pierce.

It has nothing to do with body mass or type; it is merely based on the size of the navel and how the tissue has sunk and changed since the umbilical cord was cut.

Certain navel designs are not suitable for the “traditional” navel piercing. Still, they could be suitable for what is known as a “floating” navel piercing. Certain navel shapes are not pierceable even if the likelihood that you will be rejected and even scar your navel is considerably greater than the chance of healing the piercing efficiently.

It is because certain people’s navels become tangled around themselves as they sit down or bend over. The anatomy could lack that tiny edge (or “hood” of tissue that most people have on the top of their navels. This could put excessive stress on a piercing. This can cause the jewelry to move forward. This can result in displacement of the piercing, making it look in a crooked direction, even going to cause the piercing itself to break completely.

The main difference between conventional Navel Piercing and. floating Navel Piercing lies in the jewelry. A floating Navel Piercing utilizes a flat Disc or a Small Bead on the bottom instead of a larger Ball or Gemstone used on the standard navel curves. This tiny change is important to ensure ease of use for the patient because everybody’s movement is different!!

See how this person’s navel “folds down” / collapses as they sit? If there’s a huge ball or gemstone, like the standard navel curve, the region will be extremely painful, and the piercing could never be healed. Worse, the piercing may fail, leaving a massive damaged scar.

Imagine using the Flat Disc or Small Bead instead of a larger stone; the space will be more spacious for natural movement. Also, you don’t “feel” the jewelry present when the person sits or bends over.

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