Educational Field Trips In Northern California

Educational Field Trips In Northern California

If you’re searching for Educational Field Trips In Northern California, Then you’re in the right spot. We have listed the top places to go for education field excursions throughout Northern California.

Check out our list of recommendations and choose those you like and are relevant to your passions.

Educational Field Trips In Northern California

1) California Capitol – always FREE. The California Capitol is always free. The State Capitol Museum is open all day long and for tours each hour. Self-guided tours are also offered. Bookings must be made for larger groups or signed to take an organized tour.

2) Jelly Belly Factory – Jelly Belly Factory, the secrets of how we make the famous Jelly Belly jelly beans, and discover why it takes over an entire week to create one single bean.

3) Nature Centers – Nature Centers California has numerous nature parks which do not charge a fee to explore the trails. There are several such as Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim, San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center, and Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Educational Field Trips In Northern California

4) Historic Ships Dockside Tours – These historical ships will surely impress in port. $3 donation suggested

5) Bohart Museum of Entomology – founded in 1946- is situated within the University of California, Davis campus. It is dedicated to research, teaching, and support; the museum is home to the seventh-largest collection of insects in North America and is worldwide in its coverage.

6) Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary – is located in a historic Coast Guard Station; the exhibitions focus on the stunning creatures that inhabit the Gulf of the Farallones, threats to animals, and how people can aid in the protection of the sanctuary. It is open to the public on Wednesday through Sun, from 10 am to 4 pm.

7) Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden – is a living museum with special collections designed to aid the teaching mission. It also offers free docent-led tours for groups of 10 or more.

8) Santa Ana Watershed Association: Provides environmental education classes for free taught by Naturalists with a specialization in watershed conservation, conservation, and ecology.

9) Fish Hatcheries – There are numerous fish hatcheries throughout California. Among them is one called the Coleman Fish Hatchery in Anderson, as well as the Mad River Hatchery in Arcata.

Educational Field Trips In Northern California

10) Federal Reserve Bank: The San Francisco Fed offers one of the most extensive collections of the oldest United States currency and a glimpse into cash processing! Tours are free in the Los Angeles Fed as well.

Field Trip Planning Tips

Check the websites before your planned visit date, and schedule your visit around certain activities or special events. In addition, you’ll get guides to download for children and suggested activities to keep them entertained before and after your visit.

Although the sites suggested below may not be within your area, you can use this list of suggestions as a guide to finding similar sites around your location.

Thank you for visiting. What is your most memorable field trip this year?

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