Can You Have A Nose Piercing In The Army

Can You Have A Nose Piercing In The Army?

Can You Have A Nose Piercing In The Army? The Military has multiple listings of things you can not do with your hair, tattoos, or facial hair. So it’s not unreasonable to wonder if you can keep a piercing on your nose in the Military. The short answer is, of course, but just under particular scenarios.

Can You Have a Nose Piercing in the Military?

As a whole, you can have a nose ring in the Military as long as it does not interfere with your uniform or appearance. This means that if you have an exposed nose ring, you will not have the ability to sign up with the Military. However, there are some exceptions to this procedure. For example, if you are an active duty Sikh soldier, you may put on a small stud in your nose while in uniform. On top of that, if you’re joining ROTC and have a nose puncturing before enlistment, they may enable you to maintain it.

Can You Have A Nose Piercing In The Army

What Are the Rules for Piercings If I’m Already Active in Service?

If you’re currently on active service and have a nose Piercing, don’t remove it just yet! If your device isn’t released or entering into battle quickly, they may permit you to maintain your puncturing up until after. However, bear in mind that if they determine to remove or go out on maneuvers right after discovering your Piercing.

The Military has a strict gown code. The nose is considered part of the face, so you can not have your nose punctured in the Military.

The short answer is, no, you can not have a nose Piercing in the Army. Your present nose ring would undoubtedly prevent you from enlisting at all. The Army Recruiting Command has a lengthy list of body art as well as piercings that are not enabled to be shown while in uniform. This listing includes earrings on males, tongue piercings, lip rings and also brow rings.

Below the accurate regulation:
” Tongue Punching is restricted when irregular or in civilian clothes on duty. Eyebrow rings and lip rings are authorized as adheres to Men: One per earlobe; one per lip (left side just). Women: One per earlobe; one per lip (either side); nostril (flesh just); navel; and brow.”

You should fulfill the USAREC tattoo plan and the Flying force’s plans to get it. You can find both listed below:

USAREC tattoo plan recap: No tattoos on your neck or face; if tattoos are on your hands, they must be smaller than a quarter and also can not show up while putting on handwear covers. Tattoos that are vulgar or obscene will undoubtedly prevent you from joining any branch of service.

There are no specific regulations on piercing in the Military. However, you can have piercings as long as they satisfy the complying with the standards:

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They do not have to extend and must be able to flat on your skin.

The only exception to this is jewelry for female soldiers. They are enabled to put on one piece of jewelry per ear (not both ears), and they should be ball-type studs. They can not obstruct your hair from being effectively used in a bun if you are a woman or your helmet if you are male.

Soldiers with facial piercings can tape them to stay clear of any problems. If you do not stick to these guidelines, you will be asked to remove your Piercing. If you do not comply, then it’s feasible that you can encounter corrective activity and even discharge from the Military.

Not. Nose piercings are exceptionally restricted in Army Regulation 670-1 (Attire and Look).

There are a lot of rules concerning personal looks in the Army. Some of the basic rules consist of:

  • No tattoos below the joints or knees or above the neckline
  • No body piercings other than jewelry for ladies
  • No intense or untidy hairstyles or hair dyes

Piercings are not authorized, apart from earrings for women. Nothing else, body piercing or tattoos, is allowed. These include, however, are not limited to eyebrow, tongue, lip, chin and nose piercings. If you have any of these before you go into basic training, you will need to remove them. If you do not eliminate them before entering the armed forces, you will be required to remove them throughout your initial few days in basic training. If you choose not to get rid of these items, you will be released from the armed forces.

As per Military Directions 2461, the following persons are licensed to wear nose studs:


(i) The President and Vice-President of India;
(ii) The Head of state of India
(iii) The Heads of States of international nations in uniform while attending State functions as a guest of the President/the Governor or the Head Of State or the Chief Minister or on the primary visit to India.

Frequently asked questions.

Is nose piercing allowed in the Military?
Off duty in a military center: Members are prohibited from attaching, tying or showing any items, items, jewelry or accessories to or through their ears, nose, tongue, or other noticeable body components (consisting of those visible with clothing).

Is it allowed to use piercings in the Military in this sense?
The Piercing (besides jewelry) is easy to show off at any time in attire, when on duty in private clothes or on an army installation.

So the concern is, can you acquaint yourself on your own with MEPS?
The Piercing is not incompetency (unless you have your ears right where something huge may stop you from passing), yet it’s a good idea to take it off before leaving your house to go to the centre.

Can you use the chains below in the Army?
Anklets, necklaces, stylish (stylish) devices, medallions, individual amulets and talismans or symbols are not allowed fatigue clothes or private clothing at work.

Can we obtain a tattoo in the Military?
Mainly tattoos on legs, sleeves and arms are not permitted. The tattoo has to not be visible on any part of the soldier’s body revealed in any one of the fatigue clothes—the army restricts tattoos on the head, neck and face.

What piercings are not allowed by the armed forces?
For certified participants, uniformed Piercing is not permitted under the Navy’s directions, which specify that no objects other than females’ earrings might be put over or through the ear, nose or any part of the body.

Can army ladies put on jewelry?
Females can put on required jewelry with plates, gowns and also underwear. The earrings can be screws, jewelry or stud jewelry in gold, silver, white pearls or diamonds. Ladies can only wear the earrings in sets, with just one piece of jewelry per earlobe.

Exactly how do I conceal the nose piercing?
Do not hide the pin by applying make-up till the Piercing has completely healed. Use a slim layer of light structure and powder around the puncturing, yet never straight into the hole. Hide the nasal needles with a flesh-coloured enamel bead; don’t move it into the punctured skin.

What color can I have the watch in the Military?
Agents typically suggest making use of only a black watch on particular occasions. You can find a black eye yourself if you require it, or else you will not have the ability to utilize it. So it can be assumed that only black watches are permitted for soldiers.

Can military guys use earrings?
Male soldiers can put on noncombatant jewelry inside and outside the post office. Ladies can wear any AR 6701 authorized hairdo.

Do you use your phone throughout basic training?
While numerous employers recommend that soldiers not use their cell phones for basic training, many are allowed to use them for telephone opportunities to call home. Using the cellular phone depends upon the drill sergeants. Some sergeants permit it, and some don’t.

Can females in the Army use nail polish?
Nail Polish: Ladies can only wear clear polish if they are on duty in uniform or noncombatant garments. Clear acrylic nails are also permitted, as long as they look natural and fulfill armed forces’ requirements.

Should ladies in the Military get their hair cut?
Outside the Navy, females do not have to cut their hair. Nevertheless, in attire (which is continuous in basic training), ladies need to use their hair so that it does not extend beyond the base of the neck and drops listed below the eyebrows.

Do soldiers wear uniforms in public?
Yes, they need to be allowed to wear their uniform in public.

Can you drink in military uniform?
With the new AR 6701, soldiers on business trips can wear army combat uniforms or the ACU. For example, uniformed soldiers can go to a shop to buy alcohol. However, they can not wear a dress while drinking at the bar.

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